Online Registration – Onsite Registration

Lead Retrieval Solutions – Custom E-Vites

Advanced Check-in – CEU/CME Tracking

Online Registration

Online registration is the first step in assuring a registrant’s complete satisfaction including their onsite experience. Capturing data and processing financial transactions correctly makes this all possible.

Our online systems have the following features and capabilities:

  • Secure Transaction Processing on our secure servers.
  • Refer-a-Friend option allowing registrants an easy way to invite their colleagues.
  • Group Registrations making it easy to register multiple employees.
  • Live Online Operator Support throughout the online registration process.
  • Instant Barcoded Confirmations facilitates quick onsite entry via self-scanning.
  • Customization for any of your event needs including golf tournament selection, meal selections, event/reception ticketing, and any other conceivable extras that you might want to offer.

Onsite Registration

One of E-vents strongest capabilities is our execution of onsite registration. Using our wealth of experience and cutting edge-technologies. Let us worry about getting your attendees through the door, while you focus on creating a truly great event. Many of our clients leave the burden of registration on us freeing them to work on other parts of their event.

If you currently use any of the following online platforms, our RegSync system can instantly grab data from their platform to allow for real time connectivity at your event:

  • Universe
  • EventBrite
  • Etouches
  • CVent

Onsite registration features include:

  • Scan Solutions facilitate quick onsite entry.
  • Mag Stripe & Photo Badging for events requiring increased security.
  • Temporary Staff Scheduling & Supervision lowering costs.
  • Full Onsite Reporting detailing up-to-the-minute attendance results.
  • Daily Show Emails reminding those who have yet to visit.
  • Lead Retrieval for your exhibitors.
  • Daily Accounting & Financial Reconciliation providing a robust audit trail.

Lead Retrieval Solutions

Whether it’s branding, market presence, or order processing, your exhibitors depend on gaining exposure and securing new clients through your event. E-vents offers several different lead retrieval methods which will give your exhibitors an increased return on their trade show dollars.

Lead retrieval features include:

  • Instantaneous Capture of Sales Leads with leads email immediately at the conclusion of the event plus an optional take-home USB flash drive
  • Real-time mobile app Solution for IOS and Android allows custom note-taking and real time editing of leads.
  • Wireless Scanners give exhibitors more portability and eliminates the need for electric.
  • In booth delivery/pickup and training
  • optional bluetooth wireless printer
  • Show Management Lead Analysis provides “hot-selling” opportunities for your staff.
  • Leads Express Touch
  • Leads Express Wireless

Custom E-Vites

Our custom E-vite system is a business-class platform that combines our state-of-the-art online registration system with a robust HTML email delivery system.

Custom E-vite system features include:

  • Custom Design to match your exact look and feel.
  • Secure Non-Transferable invitations.
  • User Updates ensure accurate information and the ability to re-RSVP.
  • Dynamic Fields to handle demographics and/or selections.
  • Real-Time Reporting giving you instant access to responses.
  • Deliverability Expertise ensures the highest possible response rate.

Advanced Check-in

Does your event have the need for advanced onsite tracking including gift distribution, attendee tracking or  room  counts for the reduction of catering costs, we can be your solution. here at E-vents we have successfully brought tracking technlogy to a multitude of events of all sizes. Whether you have 30,000 swag bags to administer or 300 gift bags, we can be your solution.  RFID tracking throughout a venue? ….


CEU/CME Tracking

Our CEU/CME tracking accommodates the widely varying needs of the governing bodies of the accreditation organizations. Attendees can scan in/out of their classes using our mobile scannesr. Data is uploaded to our CEU/CME tracking site where attendees can log in and print our necessary documentation.

  • Allow attendees to receive credit and print CEU certificates
  • CEU Certificate designed in any format you provide
  • Flexible credit calculations based on various items such as registration types or professional degree, times in class

Great for session tracking where attendees scan their own RFID or Barcode badge. Optional customized receipts. Color display for session information. Pre-scheduled auto-advance of session data.