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Request for Proposals

Please fill out as much information as you can below to help us build you a proper Budget for your event(s).

E-vents Online RFP Submission

Please fill out as much information as you can below to help us build you a proper Budget for your event(s).

    Section 1: Contact Information

    Section 2: Event / Show Details

    Upload your existing RFP/RFQ here or complete event details below.

    Event Start Date

    Event End Date

    Registration Set-Up Date and Time

    Registration Tear Down Date and Time

    Registration Tear Down Time

    How many various sites are registration located?

    Will E-vents Registration be utilized for web registration?

    Online Registration Options
    Do you want to re-blast all confirms prior to the eventDo you need to manage a golf tournamentDo you need to manage table seatingExhibitor management System

    Section 4: Call Center

    Do you require a Call Center?

    How many weeks of Call Center Service?

    Call Center Type
    DedicatedGeneral800 Service

    Section 5: Estimated Advanced / Onsite Attendance Counts by Category

    a) Advance General / Expo Attendees

    b) Onsite General / Expo Attendees

    c) Advance Conference Attendees

    d) Onsite Conference Attendees

    e) Advance Exhibitor Attendees

    f) Onsite Exhibitor Attendees

    g) Advance Speaker Attendees

    h) Onsite Speaker Attendees

    i) Advance Staff Attendees

    j) Onsite Staff Attendees

    k) Advance Press Attendees

    L) Onsite Press Attendees

    m) Do any of the categories above pay? if so what percentage of each category?

    n) If an invitation/Pre Load, then how many unique records to be imported?

    Section 6: Badge and Ticketing information

    a) Upload of logo(jpg or gif) for the badge proof. Our standard paper stock is 3.5(h) x 4.25(w)

    b) Special Requests
    Magnetic StipeRFIDLaminateCustom SizingDouble SidedThermal

    c) Do you ticket? If so how many concurrent tickets?

    Section 7: Supplies

    Badge holder preference
    Bulldog ClipPinCustom Sized

    Do you need lanyards? If so choose which type.
    Imprinted'Green'Blank or Elastic

    Other Items
    WristbandsHand StampsRibbons

    Section 8: Equipment

    a) Will E-vents process credit cards in real time onsite?

    b) Do you need to track entrance scanning? If so please indicate how many entrances.

    b) If so please indicate how many entrances.

    Section 9: Lead Retrieval

    a) Are you interested in providing lead retrieval services for exhibitors?

    b) Number of Exhibiting Companies?

    c) If you have offered lead retrieval in the past, please let us know how many units have been rented yearly.

    Section 10: Optional Services

    a) Do you need event housing services?

    b) Technology Options
    Email MarketingWebsite DesignInternet CafeLead Retrieval ServiceCME TrackingMessage CenterCD Production

    Section 11: Special Needs/Services